• Homeschooling is not for everyone, but it is for anyone.

    No matter your race, religion, political affiliation, income level, or family situation, there are homeschoolers like you.

  • Homeschoolers are in the real world.

    Homeschoolers are active in their communities--taking classes, volunteering, playing sports, working, overcoming challenges, and hanging with friends.

  • Homeschooling has real benefits.

    Customized learning, time for family, flexible scheduling, choice of curriculum, mentorship opportunities, parent involvement, positive social influences, community engagement and more!

  • Homeschoolers aren't stereotypes.

    The one homeschooler you've met or heard about (good or bad) isn't like the other 30,000 homeschoolers in Virginia, in the same way that one public school kid doesn't represent all school kids..

  • Homeschooling is growing.

    In Virginia from 2000-2012, the number of public school students grew by just under 7%, while the number of homeschooled children grew by 56%. More than 30,000 kids are now being homeschooled in the Commonwealth; in 2011-12, there was one homeschooler for every 38 kids enrolled in Virginia's public schools.

  • Get help homeschooling. Help others homeschool.

    Your VaHomeschoolers membership provides you with our magazine, conferences, website, telephone helpline, and email help. We protect the legal status of homeschooling, and work with school divisions, VDOE, businesses, and the media. After joining, volunteer and make a donation to extend our reach.

  • Homeschoolers are your neighbors.

    We're moms and dads who work as teachers, artists, doctors, homemakers, professors, social workers, scientists, pastors, tradesmen, farmers, managers, business owners and more. We're Scout leaders, youth coaches, library volunteers, arts leaders, Meals on Wheels drivers, school tutors, chamber of commerce members, and 4H leaders.


For answers to all your Virginia homeschooling questions, please refer to our Comprehensive Guide to Homeschooling in Virginia.

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